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Recent projects

Tuesday 8 November 2011, by Maria Potop-Butucaru

I am/was involved in the following ANR and regional projects: Pactole, Shaman, R-DISCOVER, IRIS. For the SHAMAN and R-DISCOVER projects I am the local coordinator.

BIP project addresses security and storage issues in blockchain systems. The project was founded by CNRS PEPS program.

SMART-BAN - financed by the LABEX SMART - This project focus protocols for Body Area Networks local coordinator

SHAMAN is an ANR founded project that focus on models and algorithms for dynamic networks - local coordinator

R-DISCOVER is also an ANR founded project that focus on efficient exploration of unknown areas by a network of robots - local coordinator

Pactole project addresses issues in the verification of distributed systems.

IRIS is an ANR project that focus on the conception and validation of protocols for sensor networks.

Recently, I was coordinator of the LIP6 research projects MOTAR 1 and 2 (conception and proof of distributed algorithms for robot networks) and AFRAID (verification of distributed algorithms for robot networks).