I am full professor in University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) and researcher in LIP6 laboratory (Laboratoire de recherche en informatique de Paris 6). I was previously Associate Professor in the University of Rennes 1 and researcher in IRISA laboratory. My research interests are fault-tolerant and self* distributed systems with a special emphasize on sensor and robots networks.

Latest articles

  • Research in short

    13 November 2015, by Maria Potop-Butucaru

    I currently study self*(self-organizing, self-healing and self-stabilizing) static and dynamic distributed systems (e.g. P2P, sensors and robot networks). I am interested in designing and proving the correctness of fundamental building blocks for distributed applications in these systems. I focus in particular the conception of communication primitives such as publish/subscribe, the design of self* overlays, the coherence problems, the ressource allocation and also the agreement problems. (...)

  • Coordinates

    18 January 2012, by Maria Potop-Butucaru

    University Paris 6, LIP6 Office 115, Tour 26-00 Phone number +33(0)1 44 27 87 64 4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris

  • Recent projects

    8 November 2011, by Maria Potop-Butucaru

    I am/was involved in the following ANR and regional projects: Pactole, Shaman, R-DISCOVER, IRIS. For the SHAMAN and R-DISCOVER projects I am the local coordinator. SMART-BAN - financed by the LABEX SMART - This project focus protocols for Body Area Networks local coordinator SHAMAN is an ANR founded project that focus on models and algorithms for dynamic networks - local coordinator R-DISCOVER is also an ANR founded project that focus on efficient exploration of unknown areas by a (...)

  • Research papers

    16 March 2010, by Maria Potop-Butucaru

    An exhaustive list of my papers can be found at http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/...

  • Recent classes

    12 March 2010, by Maria Potop-Butucaru

    Licence UPMC: 2I001 (previously LI215) Master UPMC (Networking speciality): 2014 ... ANET (Autonomous Networks) ALGORES (Algorithmique pour les réseaux/Networks algorithms) 2012-2014 APMM (Application multi-media) RAD (Tolerance of distributed Attacks) SEC (Communicant Embedded Systems)